Case Studies

Client success stories and how we have helped

Making the transition to retirement

Judy is 60 years old and is currently working full time with no plans to change her employment arrangements. She wants to retire at 65. She has an annual salary of $50,000 and $300,000 in super. Assuming her 10.00% employer super contributi...

Protecting your family

Max, 35, is an accountant earning $60,000 a year. He’s married to Sarah, 34, and they have two children aged four and eight. Sarah currently stays at home caring for the children. Max and Sarah have a $140,000 mortgage, $4,000 owing on cr...

Investing in growth assets

Gus and Gina are hard workers and have run a successful business for a number of years. They’ve paid themselves super along the way but have never contributed extra as they aren’t comfortable with shares and the volatility of stock mark...

Expect the unexpected

Nick and Tom have been running a business together for the past 15 years. The business has over 20 employees and annual turnover amounts to $10 million. They had been friends for years before they got into business and have always agreed on...

Future-proofing your family

Tom and Megan, both in their early 40s aren’t sure when they want to retire exactly but they're certain it will be well before they reach pension age. They enjoy working now but want to have an active retirement whilst they're still fit a...
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