Retirement planning

Planning for your ideal future

Planning ahead

No matter how far away from retirement you are, we will work with you to establish a plan of attack to ensure this next stage of your life is comfortable and fulfilling.
Getting to know you
We will find out about your goals for retirement, assess where you are now, and then give you insight into what's achievable, and how.
Working with you
Once a plan is in place, we proactively monitor progress to ensure you remain on track to achieve your ideal retirement, and will keep you informed.
Centrelink / DVA
Income streams
Estate planning
We all know the benefits of building our nest egg through superannuation, yet it is notoriously complex. We can help you make the most of government incentives to bolster your superannuation contributions.
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You may be eligible for a government pension – yes, even if you have assets and superannuation. We can help structure your existing finances to maximise your chance of being able to access these entitlements.
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There are strategies to maximise your income during retirement. Whether it's to leverage government entitlements, work an extra couple of years, or simply accessing your various funds in the most tax-efficient order. We will analyse your situation and provide guidance on the optimal methods for you.
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Estate planning provides you and your loved ones with certainty during an emotionally difficult time. We will work alongside your solicitor to ensure your legacy is protected, tax is minimised, and your wishes are respected. 
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How we work together

Your Infinity Wealth Solutions adviser is here to map out a strategy that helps you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, now and long term.
Exploration meeting
Let's talk about what you're hoping to achieve, establish whether we're a good fit for each other, and map out a plan of attack.
Research and analysis
Your Infinity adviser will crunch the numbers and research available options, leveraging both tech and industry insight.
Your custom solution
We'll meet again to show you your custom solution, explain how it all slots into place, and get your buy-in into the strategy.
Making it happen
The paperwork will be handled by your Infinity Wealth adviser, who'll keep you updated on the process and progress of your advice plan.
Get started
Let's meet for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options, and give you a sense of what it's like to work with Infinity Wealth Solutions.
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